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By The Gleamers Team, Mar 20 2014 04:42PM

The method we use at GLEAMERS Car Valeting when it comes to the car paintwork is as follows.

We first add TFR (Traffic film remover) to all the lower parts of the car that have industrial fall out, tar and grit. We allow the TFR to agitate the dirt and then we jet spay the car from the top down. Whilst the top half of the car is now wet and the grit from the bottom has gone, we spray TFR to the top, for a very short time and then jet spray again. NOW YOUR CAR IS READY FOR A GRIT FREE WASH.

Oh yes... we make sure our sponges are always free from grit. So we can honestly say "Gleamers knows how to wash cars and look after your cars paintwork" and guess what, thiers not many who do it the right way... but GLEAMERS do !!!

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