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Alloy Wheel Advice

By The Gleamers Team, Mar 18 2014 02:48PM

As professional "auto detailers" Gleamers never use abrasive materials or inferior chemicals on your alloy wheels. Our products are the industries best and our car valeting team are all trained to take exceptional care of your car, including your alloy wheels.

We hope this gives you the peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals in the industry.

The Gleamers Team !

Mar 18 2014 04:02PM by Jamie

I know Gleamers use the right alloy wheel cleaner but just as important is the timing and strength of chemical. The guys at gleamers lean on the side of a weaker mix (which is good) and only allow a short time for it to penetrate alloy wheel dust (which is good) then they rinse it off. So, all in all their approach is spot on and that's why your better with gleamers on alloys, as some out their have to stronger mix and leave it on to long and that's not good for your alloy wheels.


Jamie, Of Car Buyers Liverpool

Mar 20 2014 04:25PM by Carl

Have to agree with previous comment, its so important to keep the alloy chemical mixture on the weak side when diluted and make sure its only on the alloys just enough to penetrate the brake dust, then a light agitation with a non-abrasive tool, now jet spray off. That's what i like about gleamers they know how its done and it makes a big difference knowing i can rely on them to do it right.

So well done Gleamers, you make my wheels look great. I will continue to recommend you.
Carl from Bootle.

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