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Gleamers’ is devoted to provide the best carpet cleaning services available value for money. Our motto of excellence assures that we will only give a job well done, leaving your carpet as good as new. Our highly trained cleaners will deliver hassle-free service using top range cleaning equipment and products. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.


The Cleaning Process:  


  • Cleaning products and equipment will be carried to your property by our trained cleaners.

  • Proper air-circulation and ventilation is assured by having windows opened.

  • Bigger bits of grime will be picked up by hand.

  • Furniture will be carefully carried and moved away to get access in all areas of carpet.

  • Furniture will be placed back to its original setting after carpet is cleaned and fully dried.

  • Cardboard or plastic squares will be used if necessary to avoid indentations.


If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service in your area, LOOK NO FURTHER! Gleamers will provide the best quality carpet cleaning services with unbeatable price! On top of carpet cleaning, Gleaners also offer upholstery cleaning and floor maintenance services. Using eco-friendly cleaning products with sophisticated tools, Gleaners’ expert cleaners guarantee to restore the colour and softness of your carpet fibers. All our cleaners are well trained specialists in carpet cleaning and have experiences in cleaning both domestic and industrial office buildings.


Making a Booking:


When you book a service with us, our team of carpet cleaning experts will visit your home at the suitable time and date to inspect your carpet and diagnose the best treatment for cleaning your carpets. We use superior quality detergents to ensure that even the toughest stains are removed as best as possible, restoring your carpet almost like new.


Gleamers cleaning services have gain an exceptional reputation among both our commercial and domestic clients alike due to the professionalism and high expertise of our well trained carpet cleaners. We are extremely confident that you will have complete satisfaction with our carpet cleaning services.