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Alloy Wheel Clean


When it comes to top quality car wheels, alloy wheels rank high on the charts.  Since these wheels are made of aluminium, they are much stronger, and provide better acceleration and braking than regular steel wheels.  


In addition, alloy wheels improve the appearance of your car, giving it a classy look.  However, in order to keep those wheels shining like new and in tip top condition, GLEAMERS Car Valeting make sure its done professionally.


Regular cleaning and maintenance is as important for the wheels as it is for the car’s body.  Aluminium wheels in particular, require more maintenance than others.  Properly maintained alloy wheels will add to the appearance and overall value of your car.


The good news is GLEAMERS Car Valeting offer the proper care of alloy wheels and it does not require a lot of hard work just regular cleaning can preserve the shine of the wheels.