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Professional Car Valeting Services by GLEAMERS



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Mini Valet ' Plus' - From £25.00

A very low cost car valeting service that includes:


Vehicle exterior washed and leather off, interior vacuumed, dashboard, glass cleaning, and vinyls wiped over, wheels/tryes.



Full Interior Car Valet - From £27.50 

A low priced valeting service to cope with interior stains and smells which includes:


Boots, seats and carpets vacuumed, Boot upholstery and carpets shampoo, leather upholstery cleaned. interior vinyls cleaned, interior glass cleaned and scented.

(to read about the Bio Cleaner and Leather Supplements that you can add please click here)



Full Car Valets - From £37.00

This is a very popular and extremely low priced valet that includes all the features of a Mini Valet ' Plus '


Exterior paintwork hand waxed, upholstery and carpet shampoo headlining cleaned, interior vinyls cleaned.

(to view a choice of polish/wax that you can add to your full valet please click here)



Gleamers is Liverpools lowest priced mobile valeting service "AND YOU GET MORE"

If you would like to pay by card the valeters can take card payments on the day.



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Office: 0800 1076 303 (Opening Times 9am - 5pm

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About Us


Car Valeting by GLEAMERS of Liverpool is a leading Mobile Car Valeting service and when it comes to value for money our prices are UNBEATABLE !!!


We offer mini valets, semi valets and full valets. We also have car upholstery valeting services and car a superb car waxing valet.


We have been successfully valeting cars in Liverpool, Wirral and Warrington and have been established for over 8 years.


You can be confident that with GLEAMERS your vehicle is in safe hands as we aim to achieve a stunning valeting finish to your car.


Carpet Cleaning;


GLEAMERS also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning for your workplace or home.


for more info CLICK HERE

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