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Standard Car Valet - From £22.50

A low cost car valeting service that includes:


Vehicle exterior washed/wax and leather off, interior vacuumed, dashboard and vinyls wiped over, wheels/tryes.


Full Interior Car Valet - From £29.99

A valeters service to cope with interior stains and smells which includes:


Boots, seats and carpets vacuumed, Boot upholstery and carpets shampoo, leather upholstery cleaned. interior vinyls cleaned, interior glass cleaned and scented.

(to read about the Bio Cleaner and Leather Supplements that you can add please click here)


Full Car Valets - From £39.99

Inludes all the features of a standard valet plus:


Exterior paintwork hand waxed, upholstery and carpet shampoo headlining cleaned, interior vinyls cleaned.

(to view a choice of polish/wax that you can add to your full valet please click here)


Enhancement Auto Valet - From £70

Everything in the Full Valet plus:


Clay Bar (To eliminate bonded contaminants from exterior paintwork)

Hand Polish (Greatly enhance surface gloss)

Autosmart Polish and Sealant (To seal in that shine)

Leather Treatment (Bring life back to your leather)

To learn more about the clay bar click here


Engine Bay Cleaning: £15.00





About Us:


GLEAMERS are Liverpools Number One mobile car Valeting service for Liverpool, Wirral and Warrington and all surrounding areas.  


GLEAMERS Valeting service been established for over 8 years many of our clients come to us through word of mouth and an exceptional reputation.


We go direct to our clients home or workplace offering a no nonsense, no fuss approach and all at affordable prices.


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How It Works


After you have booked your car valeting slot, simply "click here" and set the price you have arranged with our operator. You will recieve an instant email verification of your transaction...


Why Pay Online


Its never been easier to pay online with Gleamers. This service has proved invaluable to many of our clients who simply can't be available due to meetings, or perhaps out and about in a different vehicle ect. By simply paying online and leaving your keys at an arranged place we are at your convienience...


When you return from your meeting or come back to your workplace, your car is gleaming and all with absolute minimium fuss..


Another great idea from GLEAMERS, your number one mobile car valeting service for Liverpool and all Merseyside areas.

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